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planet VENUS has a giant BEATINGHEART in the sky that gives birth to rabbits every few years .. for every generation, 4 rabbitgirls are chosen to inhabit the temple of the BEATINGHEART & dedicate their lives to what created them ..follow the newest generation of LOVEMAIDENS as they discover & navigate their lives as psychic priestesses

. . . . .

HEARTLOVEPOWERTEMPLE  is a original story visual novel made with renpy engine by yogurt200 / sofa
its the first entry to a series of visual novels under "RABBITMAIDENSOFTWORKS"
an extended universe of story & characters that connect


  6 chapters with one ending 

  over 50 new original paintings and drawings 

    eloquent typoism

  sountrack bgm ft teamCPU  (titular themes), heoliene , devi mccallion

. . . . .

  resolution: 800x600  length: 3~6 hrs depending on reader speed runs on windows, mac & linux 

 https://yogurt200.com/ https://yogurt200.com/rabbitmaidensoft/heartlovepowertemple.html


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this visual novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

heartlovepowertemple-win-linux.zip 1 GB
Version 1
heartlovepowertemple-osx.zip 1 GB
Version 1


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very memorable, cute, and interesting. this story has fully connected to my heart, in heart, story, writing, characters, art, lore.. i will never not love this. was also very happy to see this tie into another work here. life changing. ten hundred stars


hello! i am russian and i have no ability to buy your game in itch :( any chances you'll release it in steam?


i love it ! 
the story and lore aspects are very memorable and endearing, & i love sofa's style of storytelling.

the artistic interpretation of the four darling rabbitgirls is beautiful and unique ^^. the music is also memorable and fitting! it provides a strong atmosphere to all of VENUS.

changed my life. 1000/10

This was so fun and fascinating to read through. Really enjoyed learning about this strange world with our 4 lovely lovemaidens and seeing them grow together. Banger tracks and very charaterisic art as well.


immersive.memorable. lore is told. kept my rabbitbrain occupied for the entire day. sofas storytelling and art is one of a kind. must read for every 8eyes fan⋆⋆ thank you for the new fixation. 


this was an amazing read! i finished up today and it was truly worth every penny. the art is gorgeous and the storytelling is some of the most unique i've seen. i hope it's experienced by many people!


So unique. Fully worth the price, you will not regret it.


damn so pink in here and i feel like style is cool i mean iin here not the game but the game style looks fine


one of the most unique and special things i've ever seen.. im still thinking about it even now. sofa/yogurt200's art and storytelling are just unlike anything else... u owe it to urself to get this vn. thats all i can say without spoiling anything cause it really needs to be experienced

p.s. im not the fastest reader (i pace it like an anime when i read vns loll) and it took me about a day and a half of reading with taking breaks


The aesthetic of this novel is impeccable, it's kinda strange at first but once you get a feel for the writing style and what the world is about then it's a super interesting story with a ton of imagination. I didn't think bloody rabbit girls would actually make me this emotional!

Also it's way longer than I expected it to be, reading at a leisurely pace it took me like a week to finish.


bit steep for twine for me.. see you next sale season. congrats on the rad looking game


:3 really amazing yet hard to explain why, the feeling of not knowing what was next is reallyy great


would reecommend